Travel between UCD and the Mespil Hotel

Walking: The Newman Building on UCD campus is 4.2 kilometres from the Mespil Hotel or 53 minutes at an easy clip. Take note of the weather! The saying around here is that if you can see the Wicklow Mountains in the morning, it will rain that afternoon. If you can’t see the Wicklow Mountains, it is already raining.

Taking the Bus. The bus is very easy, picking up 200 metres from the Mespil. Take the 39A UCD right onto campus. The bus comes every 12 minutes. The cost is €3 per trip, or €2.25 if you use a LEAP Card (which you can get for a €5 deposit at the convenient store right by the bus stop). If you use the LEAP card, there is a daily cap of €7, after which all travel is free.

To return homeThe bus pick-up for the 39A is a short walk from Newman. The bus picks up every 12 minutes.

UCD to Poetry Ireland

By bus: walk out to Stillorgan Road and take the 46A or 155 (18 stops, get off at Rotunda/St. Martin’s Chapel. Or you can ask the driver to let you off at Parnell Square).

Poetry Ireland is just around the corner from where you are let off, past the Dublin Writers Museum. Conversely, you might get off at the O’Connell Street Bridge and walk north until you hit Poetry Ireland. Be sure that you are walking away from Temple Bar/City Centre as it can be a bit confusing.

Taxis in Dublin

Taxis in Dublin are expensive and are known to take circuitous routes if they think you don’t know the roads. Trips from the airport can cost as much as $125, if your driver is so inclined. Stay out of taxis if you can avoid it! To note: using Uber brings you Dublin taxis, as there are no unregulated drivers permitted in the Republic.

Estimated rates (add €1 for each passenger):

Mespil to UCD €15

UCD to Poetry Ireland €22

Mespil to UCD €15

Dublin Airport to Mespil €40-75

Transport From the Airport

On arrival at Dublin airport, you will find a taxi rank outside the terminal and there are also bus services running to the city centre. To get to the conference venue:

Aircoach – check their website to choose the best route to your hotel. You can buy tickets in advance or at stand at the bus stop. Staff are helpful and can tell you which route is best and where to get off for your hotel. If you are travelling directly to UCD, the Leopardstown route passes UCD. http://www.aircoach.ie

Airlink – the Airlink is the public bus service from the airport. It takes a bit longer than the Aircoach, but is €1 cheaper. For routes and timetables, click here: http://www.dublinbus.ie/PageFiles/7285/Airlink%20Brochure.pdf

If you plan to go to your hotel directly from the airport, contact the hotel and ask for details, as some hotels have a shuttle services. If this is not the case, they will tell you which Aircoach or Airlink stop to get off at.

Getting to UCD from the City Centre

Dublin Bus

The public bus system is reliable (although it doesn’t necessarily run to a timetable) and the easiest way to get from most hotels to UCD’s campus. Ask at your hotel for help locating the nearest bus stop and the correct route number. In Dublin, the bus will not stop for you automatically, so be sure to stick out your hand to signal the driver when you see your bus approaching. Please note that Dublin bus only takes exact fare in coins only (you will get no change back).


The cash fare from the city centre to UCD is €2.85. You might consider a visitor’s bus pass, called a Leap Card for discounted rates that don’t require exact change. Please note that you need to buy a Leap Card before you catch the bus. You can do so at several spots at the airport. For more information click here: https://about.leapcard.ie/leap-visitor-card


The 39A bus will bring you directly onto the campus.

The 145 and 46A routes will bring you from the city centre to Stillorgan Road, just across the street from campus. The stop will be listed as UCD. Dublin Bus drivers are generally very helpful; you’ll need to tell the driver your destination when you board (to be charged the correct fare) so just ask him or her to tell you where to get off. From the city centre, leave yourself at least 45 minutes (even an hour) to catch a bus and find your way across the UCD campus, especially during rush hours. UCD is only a few miles south of the city centre, but traffic can be very heavy.
NB: All Dublin Bus buses have wifi.

You can plan your journey on http://www.dublinbus.ie/

Arriving at UCD

The 39A bus terminates at UCD, so no need to worry about getting off at the right stop. If you catch the 46A or 145, just press one of the red stop buttons when the electronic sign on the bus says UCD or ask the driver to point out the campus. Many people get off at campus; you won’t miss it.

Both the 46A and the 145 set down on the Stillorgan Road. With your back to the bus, walk toward the overpass you’ve just passed. You’ll turn left at the light, cross the overpass/bridge over the motorway and be on campus. You will be able to follow the crowd.


Taxis are very easy to hail in town or from one of many taxi stands on main streets or in front of hotels. If you need to pay by card, be sure to ask the driver before you get in whether she or he accepts cards.

If you like pay-by-phone apps, MyTaxi is the most prominent one in Dublin. You can download it, add a credit card, and call a taxi anywhere that your phone is internet connected.

If you prefer to get a taxi from UCD back into town, you’ll need to call one and it may take 15-20 minutes to arrive. We can recommend

Metro Cabs: 01- 6683333

Southside Cabs: 01-283 6622

Remember that if you need to pay by card, you’ll need to ask if the driver accepts cards when you call to book.


Parking is available for visitors and there should be plenty of parking spaces in the car park adjacent to the Sutherland Law Building (see the campus map here). Parking is free outside of term (except for premium parking spaces). See here for further information:

Parking for Visitors

The car parks closest to the conference venues are:

Car park 03 (just behind the Sutherland Law Building)

Car park N4 (across from Newman (Arts) Building where we will be on Wednesday for the screening and two keynotes)

Getting around Dublin:

Dublin is well served by light rail (LUAS and DART) and bus services, and taxis abound.

If you are interested in cycling, there is a good bike sharing scheme in Dublin. You can purchase a 3-day pass at a bike station that takes credit cards (not all stations do, so check in advance).

For more information about bike stations and how the system works, visit: http://www.dublinbikes.ie/