Session A 1:00-2:00pm

a way—Living Performance

Adeena Karasick, “Scenes Screams Screens and Semes: The Salomaic Elasticity of the Page and the Stage”
Nancy Ellen Miller, “Dust Stone Circle”
Peter Jaeger, “Writing as a Gradual Process”

a lone—Transcultural Practice

Catherine Graham and Kathleen McCracken, “Canada/Ireland Hybrid: Transcultural Practice in the Poetry of Catherine Graham and Kathleen McCracken”
Natasha Cuddington, “Each of Us”
Christodoulos Makris, “Poetry and Cultures of Feedback”

a loved—Shares in Pataphysics are Up-Side-Down

Alessandro Porco, ““All That Signifies Can Be Sold”: Steve Venright and the ”Pataphysics of Society6”
Mahla Daraei, “The Voyage: Time and Movement in the Works of bpNichol and Henri Michaux”
Steve McCaffery, “Circumstantial Evidence: bp Nichol, Edward Dorn, Alfred Jarry and the Pataphysical origins of the North American Wild West Poem.”

a long the—Mapping Feminist Relations and Labour across Media in Contemporary Canadian Literature

Deanna Fong and Karis Shearer, ““But you can’t put that in a book”: Feminist Close Listening in the Soundbox Project”
Felicity Tayler, ““Our Story”: The performativity of metadata when mapping community in feminist magazines”
Mathieu Aubin, “Writing Between the “Slippery Lines”: Lesbian-Feminist Kinship in Tessera”

riverrun—Decolonize NOW

Panel Chair: Mackenzie Ground
Jennifer Hardwick, “Storying Space: Towards an Embodied Indigenous Literary Studies”
Neil Hennessy, “Quids in for Quarks: How the Irish Destroyed Civilization and Prophesied the End of Time, an Encounter Between James Joyce (Irish), Marshall McLuhan (Irish-Canadian), Jacques Derrida (French), and Vine Deloria Jr. (Lakota-French), witnessed by Neil Hennessy (Irish-French-Canadian)”

Master Class Seminars 2:15-3:30pm

Session B 3:45-5:00pm

pastEve and Adam’s—Trace/Inscription: Poetics in the Anthropocene

Oana Avasilichioaei, “OPERATOR + MOUTHNOTES”
angela rawlings, “INTIME and SOUND OF MULL”
Adam Dickinson, “Microbes, Chemicals, and Metabolic Poetics in the Anthropocene”

from swerve of shore—The Politics and Poetics of Appropriation

Fenn Stewart, University of British Columbia, “How might scholarship and poetry offer overlapping and divergent methodologies for considering the ethics and politics of writing through appropriated texts?”
Heather Milne, University of Winnipeg, “Poetic Appropriation(s) and Queer Unsettlings in Contemporary Canada”
Julia Polyck-O’Neill, Brock University, “A New Re: The Re-Poetics of Contemporary Interdisciplinary, Experimental Poetic Spaces in Canada/Vancouver”
Kyle Kinaschuk, University of Toronto, “Archival Interloper: Antithesis and Antiphony in Phinder Dulai’s dream/arteries”
Max Karpinski, University of Toronto, “Extractive Poetics: The Petrocultural Appropriations of Lesley Battler and Adam Dickinson”

tobend of bay—Words that Dance

Linda Carreiro, “Choreogrammatics: words that move us”
Emily Christina Murphy, “Canadian National Identity: Genealogies of Spanish Dance and English Poetics”
Katherine McLeod, “Making Shadows with Recorded Sound: A Response to Gwendolyn MacEwen’s Audio Archives”

bringsus by a commodius—The Architectures of Steve McCaffery’s CARNIVAL

Panel Chair: Karen Mac Cormack
A Roundtable Discussion Featuring Barrie Tullet, Bronac Ferran, and Fiona McMahon.

Pop-up Poetry 3-5 pm

Kimberley Campanello

Durational readings from MOTHERBABYHOME (zimZalla Avant Objects)
In the Lobby of the Newman Building
University College Dublin

Welcoming Reception with Associated Writing Programs of Ireland

5:00-6:00pm outside Theatre Q 

Reading Awake: Evening Presentations 

6:00-8:30pm Theatre Q

  • Welcoming to the Conference by Gregory Betts, Craig Dobbin Professor of Canadian Studies
  • Welcoming to the College of Arts and Humanities by Sarah Prescott, Principal
  • Welcoming to University by Andrew Deeks, President
  • “Text” Address: Christian Bök—“A Zoom Lens for the Future of the Text”
  • The Silas Singers— “Katajjaq” (throat singing)
  • Barry O’Halpin— “Hox” (an original composition)
  • “Performance” Address: D’bi Young Anitafrica—“From Dub Poetry to Dubbin Theatre: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of the Anitafrika Method and Theatre of Ritual Self Recovery”