Session E 10:00-11:00am

to wielderfight—Cadence in Colonial Space

Carey West, “Space to Play: Creating a Canadian Canon Through Children’s Musical Education”
Cole Mash, ‘Can You Hear What I See?’: Notating Contemporary Performance Poetry as Canonical Intervention”
Sean McGarragle, “From Sandlot to Superpower: How the poetry slam changed the game in performance poetry!”

his penisolate war—The Space of Language

Jo Hamil and Nasser Hussain, “The Space of Language and the Language of Space”
Kaie Kellough, “Ashes and Juju – Electronic Narrative , On the 50th Anniversary of the Sir George Williams Affair, Montréal, Québec”

nor had topsawyer’s rocks—immedia/i’m media

Aaron Tucker, “A Poetics of Durée: The Machine Eye in Janey’s Arcadia and The Fauxcassional Poems Project”
Darryl Whetter, “#Canstapoetry: Confessions of a Possibly Interloping Middle-Aged (Canadian) Instapoet”
Signy Lynch, “Closing the Distance: Technology and Immediacy in Empire of the Son”

by the stream—Micropresses Persist

A Roundtable Discussion Featuring Anthony Etherin and Clara Daneri of Penteract Press (UK)

Oconee exaggerated themselse— In Form/Formations

Deanna Radford, “Poetry Formations Within A Resonant Cloud”
Suzanne Zelao, “Lances All Alike”
Philip Terry, “The Lascaux Notebooks”

Session F 11:15am-12:30pm

to Laurens County’s gorgios—Irish(-Canadian) Eyes

David Eso, “Alden Nowlan’s Familial and Cultural Irish Inheritances ”
Marc André Fortin, “Beyond Bloomsday, Beyond Ireland: Canlit and James Joyce’s Ulysses in Chris McCabe’s Dedalus”
Shazia Hafiz Ramji, “Wound Connection: Interrogating Solidarity Among Irish and Racialized Subjects”
Ian Rae, “Yeats and the Making of Canadian Space in the Works of James Reaney.”

while they went doublin— Transcoding II

JR Carpenter, “Translating Tensions Between Human and Machine Languages in An Ocean of Static”
Mairéad Byrne, “Voice and Corpus in David Jhave Johnston’s Rerites (2019)”
Brent Lee, “Thunder and Lightning: Relating Sonic and Visual Gestures in Multimedia Performance”
Lai-Tze Fan, “Readwriting RERITES: Deformance as Writing Backwards”

their mumper all the time—Rethinking Radical Pedagogies

Kit Dobson, “Text/Sound/Performance/Listening”
Rob Winger, “The All-Opinions Myth: On Productive Moral Limits for Teaching Allied Feminisms.”
Myra Bloom, “A Woman’s Art: Sina Queyras and Sheila Heti Experiment with Motherhood”
Bart Vautour, “The “chord that held itself against itself”: Emma Healey and the Possibilities for Collective Voice”

nor avoice from afire—Script Flip

Erin Wunker, “Do We Know of Any Other Side Effects?”: Sue Goyette’s Poethics of Witness”
Jeff Derksen, “Extractive Appropriation and the Dying Colonialism of CanLit”
Linda Morra, “(F.)Lip Magazine & The Evolution of Divergent Feminist Poetics in Canada”
Tanis MacDonald, “Adapting humour as ink: Lisa Robertson’s she-dandy, Dark Age femininity, and the poet-critic in late capitalism”

bellowed mishe mishe—Materialisms in Contemporary Irish Poetry

Julie Morrissy, “Towards a Poetics of Interruption in Twenty-first-Century Irish Poetry”
Kimberly Campanello, “‘I was not able to help, but I tried my best’: Material Lyricism in Contemporary Irish Poetry”
Mariah Whelan, “Letting the white space speak: Archive as a de-stabilizing form in Irish poetry”
Paul Perry, “Drift: A discussion of Marc Neys’ reconfiguration of For two NATO soldiers, a poem”

Masterclass Seminars 2:00-3:15pm

“Sound” Address 3:30-4:30pm

Joshua Whitehead—Indigenous Feral Oralities

Reception and Launch of Avant Canada

4:30pm O’Reilly Hall

Conference Banquet

5:15pm O’Reilly Hall

Griffin Poetry Trust Reading

National Library of Ireland 8:00pm

Featuring the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize winner, Jordan Abel