Session C 9:30-10:45am

vicus of recirculation—Sound Pedagogies

Location: J208

Panel Chair: Paula McGrath (University College Dublin)

Amy Thiessen, Karis Shearer, Megan Butchart, “Canadian Poetry Off the Page in the Undergraduate Classroom”
Jason Wiens, Leah van Dyk, Isabelle Groenhof, “Sound Pedagogies: Rethinking Approaches to Literary Audio Archives”

back to Howth Castle and Environs—Thr:eading the frays and thinking through WRiP

Location: C213

Panel Chair: Christine Stewart (University of Alberta)

Christine Stewart, Kaitlyn Purcell, Mackenzie Ground, Rob Jackson

Sir Tristam—Sonic Masks

Humanities Boardroom, A102

Panel Chair: Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

Anne Quéma, “‘Fulgurations in my own tongue’: Soundscapes in O Resplandor”
Sean Braune, “Textus Nullius in the Decolonial Poetics of Jordan Abel”
Matthew Burkett, “The Passaggio as Process/Site in Erin Moure’s Plurilingual Poetry”
Stephen Cain, “Circular, Cyclic Avebury”: Marlatt, McCaffery & Nichol’s Notation of the Neolithic”

on this side—Reading (in)Visibility

Location: J207

Panel Chair: Danielle Clarke (University College Dublin)

Alois Sieben, “Distant Subjects: The Act of Search in Injun and Maliglutit”
Rob Winger, “The All-Opinions Myth: On Productive Moral Limits for Teaching Allied Feminisms.”
Laurel Ryan, “The Ghosts of Thomas D’Arcy McGee”
Kevin McNeilly, Blood, Bone, Throat, Voice: Tanya Tagaq and the Politics of Song”

fr’over the short sea—Quarrelling the Chorus (Newer Canons)

Location: Theatre 2

Panel Chair: Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin)

Alycia Pirmohamed, “Reimagining Form: Second-generation Immigrant Poetry in Canada”
Kate Siklosi, “Poetry With/Held: The Tidalectic Archive of Dionne Brand’s The Blue Clerk”
Ryan J. Cox, What kind of bodies can be cybernetic?: Anime, Dis/Embodiment and Cyborg Poetics in Joshua Whitehead’s Full-Metal Indigiqueer”
Donato Mancini, ““If a Marxbot Could Speak….”: Errant Phonology and Social Marking in the Poetics of Louis Cabri”

Session D 11:00am-12:15pm

had passencore—Silence, Nonviolence

Location: Theatre 2

Panel Chair: Ciaran Crilly (University College Dublin)

Eric Schmaltz, “Gerry Shikatani’s “Silent Sounding”
Lauren Michelle Levesque, “Singing in and through Failure: An Exploration of Singing as Reflexive Practice and its Role in Nonviolent Social Change”
Paul Watkins, “Texts that Sound: The Role of Music and Co-Creative Performance in the Poetry of M. NourbeSe Philip, Wayde Compton, and Dionne Brand”
David Griffin, “How to Write Silence”

nor avoice from afire—Script Flip

Location: J208

Panel Chair: Emilie Pine (University College Dublin)

Erin Wunker, “Do We Know of Any Other Side Effects?”: Sue Goyette’s Poethics of Witness”
Linda Morra, “(F.)Lip Magazine & The Evolution of Divergent Feminist Poetics in Canada”
Tanis MacDonald, “Adapting humour as ink: Lisa Robertson’s she-dandy, Dark Age femininity, and the poet-critic in late capitalism”

violer d’amores— The Afterlife of Performance

Humanities Boardroom, A102

Panel Chair: Jonny Dillon (National Folklore Collection)

Jason Camlot, Annie Murray, and Darren Wershler

the scraggy Isthmus—New Found Poetics

Location: J207

Panel Chair: Michael Hinds (Dublin City University)

Joel Katelnikoff, “Lisa Robertson Remixed: ‘I don’t understand what I adore’”,
Melany Nugent-Noble, “Feeding the Machine: Text and Language of Governments Across Jurisdictions and Time”
Natalie Helberg, “Adustion: A Long Poem”
Shane Rhodes, “UGH! re-imaginings of key historical figures, movements, texts, recordings”

rearrived from North Amorica—Transcoding I

Location: C213

Panel Chair: Emer O’Boyle (University College Dublin)

Julie Ann Rodgers, Performing Motherhood in the Mammasphere: Mom Blogs in Quebec
Michael F Bergmann, “Theatre in TheatAR: Explorations of augmented reality in theatrical performance”
Misao Dean, “We want the future we were promised, not the future we deserve”
Paul Barrett and Sarah Roger, “#CanadaReads: The Online Language of Mass Reading Events and Narratives of Nation”

Masterclass Seminars 1:45-3:15

AWPI Keynote Address 4:00-5:00pm

Sebastian Barry, Laureate for Irish Fiction

Riverrun Reading:

Irish and Canadian Poets at Poetry Ireland 8:00pm